Saturday, December 10, 2011

The lunar eclipse 10-12-2011

I'd never seen a lunar eclipse before,not did I think I could capture them one day. I gave a decent try, though the perfection i missed . Well worth the 2 hr at my terrace..

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The sunset

The amazing effect a sunset can produce. Amazing it seems when a natural process which occurs daily seems marvelous to our eyes. Thats the magic nature does which makes you forget everything before its beauty. The sunset at a place near my home in coorg, Karnataka.
ISO 100
Pattern metering

Winter!!! My favorite season among all. Waking up at 5 30 amidst the chill air was worth seeing the climate around us. The fog on the other side of the road, morning mist, the sun rays, all were just awesome.
1/40 sec
ISO 400
Metering Pattern
Focal length 55mm

It has been quite some time since I fell in love with Photography. The joy i would get was sort of heavenly. I decided to move ahead of my usual way of sharing the pics on facebook. Here I would get a chance to explain the story behind each pic. Here is my first attempt...
This one I found on a full moon day on my terrace. Moon peeking through those leaves.
EXIF data
Exposure Time: 1/10 sec.
ISO Speed Rating: 3200
Metering Mode: Pattern
Focal Length: 55.0 mm