Saturday, February 6, 2010

My morning walk to Kukkarahalli Kere

6:13 am: I was woken up from my dreams when i heard my cellphone ringing.It was a call from my neighbor Shrinidhi."Oops!! I had to get up at 5:30",I remembered.Rubbing my eyes i opened my door.He had already finished brushing and was ready.I just him to wait for another 15 min by the time I get ready.After waking up my lazy(me too!) room mate who had already snoozed the alarm 5 times,We got ready soon and we started our walk.A 20 min walk led us to this marvelous spot,which we had never thought of going in our first semester.The place seemed have brought heaven on earth.Lots of birds,enthusiastic body builders ,all in one it was a place to see.Here are some of the pics i clicked there with the amateur camera of my cellphone.

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