Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Do as you feel...After all ITS UR LIFE!!

Life's a feast.Enjoy its every moment.Have no thoughts of FUTURE and PAST.Live as if its your last day.Whatever its been given to you,its the best u can have.
A driver can see only the next hundred feets in a car drivin at night,
But he can drive hundreds of miles.
Fill ur life with happy thoughts,dream for what u want and enjoy the very thought of it.
Mind has awesome powers.Thoughts can create wonders and when u have ur mind filled with such good thoughts,ur life will be on cloud 9.
Never let the cloud of sadness cover up ur day.
Its just for a moment.Never carry over bad thoughts ahead.Good thoughts are even said to cure the deadliest of diseases.Find joy in everything and whatever that comes to u.,You'll never suffer in this life.
Believe in a SPIRIT.The belief will never betray you.
Be SATISFIED.Its when you feel relieved.
Live life a simple way,don't make it a complex one.
Be PATIENT for the max possible time.
Never conclude ur thoughts on a person,he's just a puppet of time, and he may change as time moves on.
And after all , be brave and fill ur life with loads of happiness,enjoyment coz you are the lucky one

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